What is a Super capacitor?
The capacitor is know as electric double layer capacitor and is an energy storage device.
The energy density is hundred of times greater than typical electrolytic capacitors and has a much higher power density than batteries or fuel cells.

Typical applications:
The applications for the SuperCAP is very wide mostly used today in:
Emergency light (LED) systems
Automotive systems
Automotive subsystem
Rail system power
Heavy duty vehicles
       Industrial machinery
        Hybrid vehicles
        Consumer machinery
        Renewable energy systems (solar generators, wind generators)
        Short term UPS
        Wind turbine pitch system
        Electric scooter
        Golf car

The SuperCAP is designed to be environmentally friendly. It also has extraordinary cycle life because there are no volume changes.

Today there are several manufacturers of these SuperCAP's in a wide variety of capacitance ranging from 0,1F to 3000F.
A former manufacturer had even a 5000F! (UltraCap)